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Limits in the Revision Theory. More than Definite Verdicts. To Appear in Journal of Philosophical Logic.
How to Express Self-Referential Probability. A Kripkean Proposal. Review of Symbolic Logic. 10.1017/S1755020315000118
Rational Probabilistic Incoherence? A Reply to Michael Caie. (preprint, please cite published version). Philosophical Review.
Self-Referential Probability. PhD thesis. A quick handout/summary

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My Research Project

A video of me talking about self-referential probability at the Five Years MCMP conference: here.

Described using only the 1000 most commonly used words. -

"You will manage to jump over this just if you believe you'll be able to" 
"You will manage to make this free-throw just if you believe you'll not be able to" 

I think about these situations and what happens then. How much should a person believe they will make the jump or free-throw? What is different about these situations and someone saying: 
"The thing I am saying right now is not true." 

which many people have thought about. I use that to see how to think about the cases like Jump or Free-Throw.