Introduction to Set Theory 2013

I will be teaching a course with Thomas Schindler on "The Theory of the Infinite - Set Theory and its Philosophy" during Summer Semester 2013 at LMU.

Mondays 4-6pm Ludwigstrasse 31 room 021. Details about the course can be found here on the LSF system.

The lecture notes, so far, can be downloaded below. They will continue to be updated throughout the course

Please email if there are any questions.


The weekly exercises will make up 15% of the final grade, the rest will be examined by a take home exam shortly after the end of semester.

The take home exam will be handed out on August 12th, and is due in on August 26th. If you want to take the exam and haven't received an email from me yet please send me an email to ensure that I give it to you.


Lecture Notes - last updated 12/8/13

Reference Sheet for axioms - last updated 19/8/13