Draft Papers

Accuracy and Imprecise Probabilities

We suggest that accuracy considerations should apply to the imprecise by using: what a set recommends is the set of what the individuals in it recommend. This results in a surprisingly nice picture of accuracy for the imprecise.

Probability and Non-Classical Logics

We argue that the model of probabilities needs revising when non-classical logics are considered. For strong-Kleene logic we suggest a belief-pair, and for supervaluational logic adopt imprecise probability.

Undermining Scenarios and Supervaluational Credences

Certain scenarios where one’s beliefs undermine themselves can be paralleled with the liar paradox. An application of the supervaluational Kripke construction for the liar can be seen as leading to imprecise probabilities as the rational response.

The Space of Possible Worlds and Interactive Beliefs

What does the space of all possible worlds look like? Especially when we have beliefs-about-beliefs.